Mystery Oil Revealed

Canned Butane "Free Blast"

This is an example of a typical 'Lighter-Refill Can' BHO "BLAST" extraction.

However, it is being done through an EMPTY and STERILE borosilicate tube into a STERILE 304SS NSF collection vessel.

I released 49 cans of Newport's "Near Zero Impurities" through the empty chamber and then evaporated at 120*f. After 4 hrs at 120*f I observed a relatively thick coating of oil with a 'new-tire' odor.

I then video recorded the vessel having a 50th can blasted into it. You can see the 'Mystery Oil' separate as the butane hits the oils that are in the vessel.

The oil was then placed under vacuum at -29.9hg at 140*f for 25hrs; the oil did not evaporate (see other posts for further details on the 'purge').

NOTE: This oil was found while loading/recovering closed-loop through filters--ss 50micron and coffee. I did not use filters and ran as an open "BLAST" for video purposes.

This 'Mystery Oil' is at Steep HIll Halent Laboratories with the hope that they will be able to identify and then test for it in your BHO.

I've tested 8 brands in this manner and all 8 produce the same oil; Vector, Newport, Power5, Colibri, Xikar, FasFil, Lucienne, Magnum 5x. 

I would like those who use --and more importantly-- those who produce BHO with cans, to see this. Please, share.